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InsuJet Injector Model M and S: Which Is Right for You?

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The InsuJet Injector Model M and S are both great options for managing your diabetes, but choosing the right device can come down to a few different factors.

In this article, we'll highlight the main differences between InsuJet Injector models M and S so you can decide which is best for you! 

InsuJet Injector Model M and S: What's Different?

InsuJet Injector
InsuJet Injector
Here are the key differences between the two models:

Injection Pressure

The first and most important difference between these InsuJet devices is the injection pressure.

The Model S injector applies a smaller amount of pressure (20-25MPa) than the Model M (30-40 MPa), which is why the "S" is short for "soft" while the "M" is short for moderate.

Ideal Users

Since the InsuJet Injector Model S has a softer touch or injection pressure, it's better suited for children. If you have soft or sensitive skin, you might prefer the Model S, as well. Using a softer pressure may help to reduce the occasional occurrence of bruising. 

The InsuJet Model M, on the other hand, is better suited to adults and those with thicker skin. 

When using the Model S, if you notice wet injections, which means residual liquid on your skin, you should switch to the Model M. 

This usually means your skin is slightly thicker than you anticipated, and you need greater pressure for the insulin therapy to work. 

InsuJet Injector Model M and S: What's Similar?

Apart from the differences mentioned above, both InsuJet Injector models are practically identical. Here are the most significant things they have in common.


InsuJet injector for needle-free insulin
InsuJet injector for needle-free insulin

Both Insujet models have the same needle-free injection mechanism. They rely on a spring-loaded trigger that activates when you press the button on either device. 

This releases a thin, high-pressure stream of insulin that passes through your skin pores and starts lowering your blood sugar levels. Unlike a conventional needle injection and some insulin pens, the Model S and M don't require any kind of needle. 

Since both InsuJet models are completely needle-free, they're excellent choices for people with needle phobia.

Here's an article to check out if you're interested in  how the InsuJet Injector works .

Absorption and Onset

Scientists have carried out  several studies  to identify the best insulin delivery method. They tested insulin pens, conventional syringes, and even the InsuJet Models M and S, representing an innovative approach to needle-free devices. 

The scientists discovered that both the InsuJet Model M and S had much faster insulin absorption compared to conventional needles and insulin pens.

Insulin administered using either device is absorbed up to 40% faster and starts working almost 45 minutes faster, as well. 

Box Contents

The Needle-Free Insujet Injector Kit
The Needle-Free Insujet Injector Kit

Both of the Model M and S InsuJet Needle-free Injection Kits  come with the same components, including:

  • The InsuJet Injector.

  • A carry case with space for one insulin cartridge.

  • Adaptors that move the insulin from the cartridge to the needle-free nozzle (5 x 3mL adaptors and 2 x 10mL adaptors).

  • 5 x nozzles, which are the parts that touch the skin when you administer insulin.

  • 5 x comfort rings, which can be attached to the nozzles for a lighter effect on the skin.

  • Nozzle protection cap.

  • 5 x cartridge holders to protect insulin cartridges from breakage.

  • Warranty Card.

  • Users instructions.

Skin Thickness: The Crucial Factor to Choose the Right Injector

One of the lesser-known complications of diabetes is its impact on skin health, especially skin thickness or hardness. 

Having thicker skin isn't just an aesthetic issue; it also impacts your insulin injections' effectiveness. 

The thicker your skin is, the more difficult it is for injections to penetrate it. It also becomes harder for insulin to reach deep enough into your skin layers to be absorbed. This can be a massive problem for people who require insulin therapy multiple times daily. 

Traditionally, people with thicker skin needed to use a bigger or longer needle to make sure their insulin shots were working. 

InsuJet provides a simpler, pain-free alternative. If you think your skin has slightly thickened from the repeated injections, you can just switch from the Model S to the Model M. 

Factors That Affect Skin Thickness in People with Diabetes

Four main factors can affect your skin thickness and the efficiency of your insulin injections.


Middle aged man checking his blood glucose levels
Middle aged man checking his blood glucose levels

The thickness of your skin usually increases with age.

For example, the InsuJet Injector Model S is better suited for children ages six to 12 and younger women because they usually have much thinner and softer skin. As they get older, the Model M might be a better consideration.

Generally speaking, the Model M is the top choice for most of the adult diabetic population.

Duration of Diabetes

According to  recent studies , the longer you've had diabetes, the thicker your skin can get. 

This usually happens because the  high blood sugar associated with diabetes causes skin damage , which results in more collagen production. 

The more collagen your skin has, the thicker it gets and the more difficult it becomes for insulin injections to go through. 

Glycemic Control

Glycemic Control
Glycemic Control

When you have high blood sugar for too long, it can cause  irreversible damage to the connective tissue in your skin . Your skin then responds by building itself back slightly thicker than before, making insulin injections more difficult.

Having a proper diet plan, following an exercise regimen, and sticking to your diabetes care plan can help you control your blood sugar levels. This, in turn, keeps your skin relatively softer for longer. 

Nutrition & Hydration

A healthy nutrition plan can improve the elasticity and softness of your skin. Diets rich in vitamins C and E, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids can make your skin softer and overall healthier. 

Staying hydrated is also equally important if you want soft, supple skin. Dehydration can lead to dry, brittle skin, affecting the efficiency of your insulin injections. 

Weight (BMI)

Apple and a BMI formula
Apple and a BMI formula

Generally speaking, people with a higher BMI tend to have thicker skin and subcutaneous tissue. 

Unfortunately, recent studies show that up to  90% of people with diabetes are classified as either overweight or obese . This means that most of these people might have above-average skin thickness, which can affect the efficiency of their insulin injections. 

If you're one of these people, the InsuJet Injector Model M might be a better choice. You can use a  BMI calculator  to find out if you need to lose a few pounds. 

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing An InsuJet Model

Two other factors you should consider are where you're injecting the insulin and your ethnic background.

Injection Site

InsuJet injector into midsection for an insulin shot
InsuJet injector into midsection for an insulin shot

Different areas of skin have different characteristics depending on their location. 

For example, the abdominal area is generally much softer than the outer thighs, which means the abdominal area requires less pressure to deliver the insulin. It's also much more sensitive, especially to pain, than the outer thighs are. 

If you usually go for the abdomen when taking your insulin injections, you might want to opt for the InsuJet Injector Model S. It'll be a bit more gentle and less painful.

On the other hand, if you usually go for the outer thighs, consider using the InsuJet Injector Model M. It applies enough pressure to penetrate the thicker skin layer of the outer thighs without causing a wet injection, unlike the Model S.

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Another factor to consider when choosing between the InsuJet Injector Model M and S is ethnicity. If you're of East Asian descent, it's strongly recommended that you try the Model S.

On the other hand, if you're of European ethnicity, the Model M might be a better option because the injection pressure is more suited to your skin characteristics.

Wrapping Up

After several studies and post-market feedback, it's safe to say that model M is better suited for adults, while model S is better for children, younger women, and people of Asian ethnicity. 

Choose your InsuJet model today, and you'll be one step closer to a pain-free, and needle-free life! 

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